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Hence the username, it is also the name of my project. 

I feel like Praenarum has been a long time coming. I took a year hiatus from drawing art sadly. 2016 was barren, and any art I did try to create was comic book/marvel fan art. Some of that might leak in here honestly! Hopefully I can keep that separate. 
Anyway, I've always had an affinity for story telling, comics, animations, and video games. 

With Praenarum, I want to tell a story. My usual mode for this would be making a graphic novel, but, I felt like Praenarum, Seeb, and the world needed to breathe. It needed to move. It needed to feel alive in so many ways. That's why I'm making an animation. 


Chapter One

Praenarum follows to story of Seeb. Seeb is an ancient race called the Prae (surprise). Once they were vast, successful, bipedal, and intelligent. But when their world was cut in half by a disaster (TBD) the Prae were trapped in a cave system known as Narum (aha! the name lol). There, over thousands of years, the de-evolved to the creatures you've seen Seeb as.

Seeb - full concept 1 by Praenarum
De-evolved version of Prae, specifically Seeb. 

All around them lies clues of a fallen civilization, but the Prae have taken a tumble. A once immensely social species, the Prae had splintered into smaller and smaller groups. Many of those groups fractured and died off due to famine and illness. Now there are few Prae left. Solitary. Often cut off from one another. Many of them horribly ill or insane due to the isolation. Their only goals are to survive and breed. Survival is particularly difficult in Narum. There is little soil or natural water sources. Most of the plants and animals have adapted to collecting water themselves and storing it, making finding water a constant struggle. Breeding is nearly impossible - finding a friendly mate is a rare thing. Even if Prae encounter each other, often times they are more worried about getting water and food for themselves, and it ends poorly. 

But Seeb is different - yet he doesn't know it. The story begins when he hears a pleasant sing-songy call. He is driven to answer instinctively, slipping, climbing, jumping, and crawling his way through a maze of cavern to reach it. When he finally does, he finds a whirring counterpart. He tries his best to court her, and she agrees. 
Some time later, Seeb is shown outside the small cave where his mate lives. He refuses to leave like most would, but she disallows him to come much closer. There are strange sounds coming from the cave one morning. When he goes to investigate, he finds that she has given birth to fifteen offspring, all of which jump and chase Seeb out of the cave. They ravenously attack him. Seeb struggles to get away and manages to climb up a cliff. He calls to his mate but there is no answer. The offspring try their hardest to get up the cliff to him but can't. 

Seeb braves going down to the cave again. He finds his mate dead, but there is little time to mourn her. He rushes back up the cliff, taking a few hitch hiker babies with him. He shakes them off and jumps to the other side of the cliff. The offspring band together and start crawling up the cliff with the help of the others he brought up with him. 

Seeb runs. He hears his pursuing offspring and knows he has to escape. But when he comes to a strange statue blocking his way, he braces for the end....

And you're just going to have to wait to see what happens!


I have a lot to do to! Here is a good project checklist!

Project Checklist 

  •  Storyboards 
    • Chapter one
  •  Concept Art
    • Narum
    • Flora & fungi  Narum flora and fungi concept 1 by Praenarum 
    • Fauna
    • Seeb
      • bipedal realistic
      • shadow version
    • Mate
    • Offspring
    • Ancient Civilization
  • Seeb Animations/Sprites
    • Walking
    • Running
    • Jumping
    • Sitting
    • Laying down/getting up
    • Standing
    • Climbing
    • Looking around
    • Ear perks
    • Hanging
    • Crawling
  • Backgrounds
    • 1 - start area
    • 2 - climb 1
    • 3 - craw 1
    • 4 - meeting
    • 5 - craw 2
    • 6 - run 1 
    • 7 - climb 2
    • 8 - dead end
Thanks for reading and following!


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